Belgian Citizens May Now Need A Holiday Visa To Enter New Zealand

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New Zealand is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world and it has a lot to offer from its gorgeous scenery to its diverse range of flora and fauna. However, since December 1st, BELGIAN CITIZENS will need a holiday visa to enter New Zealand.

What is a Holiday Visa?

Belgian citizens may now need a holiday visa to enter NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS. The new visa policy is in response to the tightened rules for visitors from Australia and the United States, which have put a strain on the country’s immigration system. Starting October 15th, all Belgian citizens will need a tourist visa to enter New Zealand. This policy change does not apply to Australians or US citizens, who are still able to travel to New Zealand without a visa.

New Zealand has had difficulty processing visas for visitors from Australia and the US because of their strict border control measures. These measures were put in place after terrorist attacks in both countries. The new visa policy will allow the country to focus more on processing visas for visitors from other countries, such as Belgium.

Belgians will still be able to visit New Zealand without a visa if they have an invitation from a Kiwi friend or family member, or if they are visiting for business purposes and can provide evidence of that. Travelers who do not have any of these exemptions will need to apply for a tourist visa at the New Zealand embassy or consulate in their home country. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR FRENCH CITIZENS

Belgium Citizens Revolting

Belgian citizens may now need a holiday visa to enter New Zealand, after the two countries announced they will be withdrawing from the European Union. The announcement was made on Monday by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English, as part of a wider plan to renegotiate their relationship with the EU. The move comes as Belgium faces increased uncertainty and instability within the European Union, with many citizens fearful about the future.

New Zealand has long been a popular tourist destination for Belgians, and the country is grateful for this trade. However, with Brexit looming and Belgian nationals facing increased restrictions on travel within the European Union, New Zealand is looking to build new relationships outside of the bloc. According to Mr English, while Belgians will still be able to work and live in New Zealand as before, they will no longer benefit from many of the privileges that come with being part of the EU. This includes free movement of people and goods, which has led to large inflows of refugees into Belgium over recent years. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS

While this change may cause some inconvenience for Belgians travelling to New Zealand, it is likely that trade between the two countries will continue unaffected. Both countries have pledged to work together towards strengthening ties with other countries in the region, such as Australia and Japan.

Kiwi Immigration Scandal

The New Zealand Immigration Service has announced that Belgian citizens may now need a holiday visa to enter the country. This change comes after a recent scandal in which it was found that the Belgian government had been illegally issuing visas to people who did not qualify for them. The service says that this issue has now been resolved and that all legitimate Belgians will be able to travel to New Zealand without a visa. However, visitors from other countries who do not have a valid visa will still be required to obtain one before arrival. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR UK CITIZENS

New Zealand’s Response to the Controversy

New Zealand has come under fire recently for their strict visa policies. Citizens of Belgium, who are generally considered to be among the most liberal citizens in Europe, may now need a holiday visa to enter New Zealand. The change comes as a result of the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels.

This new policy is already causing a stir amongst New Zealanders, many of whom feel that it is unjustified and discriminatory. Many Belgians are also angry about the policy, feeling that it unfairly singles them out. Some have even suggested that New Zealand should reciprocate by imposing stricter visa requirements on other European countries, such as France and Germany, which have also been implicated in recent terrorist attacks.

So far, New Zealand has defended their decision by pointing out that they have always had strict visa policies and that this is just another way of ensuring safety for both citizens and tourists visiting the country. They argue that the new rules are necessary in order to keep people safe and prevent any further incidents like those in Brussels from happening here in New Zealand.


Following the vote by the Belgian Chamber of Representatives to approve a new law that will require citizens of Belgium to obtain a visa before travelling to New Zealand, many travellers are worried about what this means for their travel plans. While there is still some uncertainty surrounding the specifics of how this will be implemented, it is generally understood that visitors from countries not included in the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) will need to obtain a visa prior to travelling to New Zealand. This includes all European Union member countries and Canada, as well as Australia, Japan, Brunei and Chile. For those who have been planning on visiting New Zealand over the summer months, now might be a good time to start thinking about alternate destinations.

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