How to Choose the Right Embroidery Digitization Specialist for Your Needs

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Embroidery digitizing is the process in which the conversion of an artwork occurs. It is converted into a digital format but make sure that format is compatible with the embroidery machine. This process is a difficult one. Digitizers even take care of minor things to ensure an accurate process. Hard work, skills, effort, and time are some important things that one must have to perform this process.

If you are new to embroidery, then I must recommend you not to put yourself in a hurry for digitizing embroidery designs on your own. First, go to any embroidery digitization specialist. You need to consider some factors like portfolio, turnaround time, and pricing while choosing the digitization specialist because these factors will have a strong impact. Afterwards, once you get the digitizer, work with him, and learn from him. Ask him questions. and closely look at what he is doing and how he is doing.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Embroidery Digitization Specialist.

As I already named some factors that you must consider while choosing a digitizing service: Here is a detailed discussion:

Experience: You must keep in mind that an experienced digitizer is always better than a new one in the industry. An experienced person has already faced all the things that can cause issues in the digitizing process. So, now he is at the stage where he knows how to handle all the situations to produce the best outcomes.

Portfolio: A portfolio is another factor that you must ask your digitizer to provide to you. Don’t hesitate while demanding a portfolio, it is your right to have a look at their past work so you can easily make your decision of selection. The portfolio shows their style and skill level. So must see!

Turnaround time: While choosing the digitizer, ask about their turnaround time. Some digitizers have a quick turnaround time, and some have a long one. So, you better ask them if they will be able to meet your deadline.

Pricing: Pricing also varies from company to company. Some are experienced and have been in the industry for many years, so their prices are high, and some are offering their services at cheap rates. So, it’s your decision where to go. See your budget and other requirements and then choose the company.

Client support: It is important to consider this factor as well because it will help you a lot. If the department of customer support of any company is good, then whenever you want to ask or clear your questions you can ask, and you will be answered immediately. Moreover, they will respect your feedback. If you want some changes in the design, they will do it until you are satisfied.

How to Find an Embroidery Digitization Specialist

There are various ways of finding embroidery digitization specialists. You can ask for recommendations from different embroiderers, search online indexes, or post a job on a freelance marketplace.

Whenever you have found a few potential digitizers, make sure to peruse their reviews and look at their costs and portfolios before going with a choice.

Tips to work with an Embroidery Digitization Specialist

Provide clear instructions: I can say that clear instructions are an asset to any professional embroidery digitizers. When you start working with him, he will ask for you the instructions regarding your design. Be clear about it because if you left some confusion while discussing your instructions with the digitizers ultimately the results will not be on your side.

Be prepared to give feedback: When the digitizer has made a draft of the design, make sure to provide them with feedback. Tell them what you like and dislike about the design and ask them to make any fundamental corrections.

Test the digitized design: Once the making stage is done, the design will be provided to you. I advise you to pick a random piece of fabric and test your design on that fabric. It will help you know about potential problems before stitching it on your final product. If you find any problem, ask the digitizer to make revisions.


In this article, many important things are mentioned in the form of tips and factors. If you have read this article carefully then I hope it has increased your knowledge and now you can find an experienced and highly skilled digitizer.

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