What’s the breeding guide for Cold Island in My Singing Monsters?

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In the magical world of My Singing Monsters, Cold Island is a frigid, snow-capped paradise for chilled-out monsters. Filling your Cold Island with a vibrant melody requires breeding all kinds of frosty monsters. But with so many potential combinations, breeding can seem daunting for new My Singing Monsters players.

Not to worry – in this post we’ll explore a complete breeding guide for Cold Island to help you master chilly musical mating. Soon your island will be brimming with harmonic horns and vocals as cool as ice!

Understanding Cold Island Breeding Basics

When breeding monsters for Cold Island specifically, there are a few key things to know:

  • Only Cold element monsters can live in Cold habitats.
  • Combine Cold monsters with others to breed Cold hybrids.
  • Upgrading breeding structures increases success rate.
  • Some monsters are easier to acquire than rare monsters.
  • Failed attempts still earn coins to keep trying!

With those tips in mind, let’s break down specific monsters to breed for your frosty paradise.

Breedable Monsters for Cold Island

Here are some essential Cold monsters and combinations that will have you singing a happy tune:


One of the first monsters you’ll breed is the cute, furry Mammott. Just combine any two element monsters.


Tweedle’s high chirps add nice melody. Breed Mammott with Potbelly.


For tribal beats, mate Yool and Cybop to get Kayna.


Combine Mammott and Kayna to try for this icy drummer Drumpler.

And for chillier rare monsters, give these combos a go:

Ghazt – Entbrat and Grumpyre

Wubbox – 4 element monsters with Cold trait

With the right breeding pairs, your Cold Island will be popping in no time. Don’t lose hope if rare monsters take longer.

Speeding Up Breeding with Diamonds

Breeding monsters requires patience, but you can shortcut the wait with diamonds. Here are some tips:

  • Watch ads for free diamonds daily.
  • Clear obstacles and complete goals.
  • Use diamonds to speed up breeding structure.
  • Retry failures faster with instant hatching.

Spend diamonds wisely and your Cold Island will be complete before you know it!

Designing Cold Island for Maximum Happiness

Monsters have preferences, so design Cold Island with their elements in mind:

  • Place Cold monsters near snow and ice decorations.
  • Arrange monsters by element type.
  • Give monsters space to sing and play.
  • Add elemental Cold boosting structures.

Customizing your island layout keeps your monsters motivated to sing loud!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest Cold monster to breed?

Mammott – just combine any two elements for this furry blue starter monster.

What’s the best monster combo for Ghazt?

Entbrat and Grumpyre offer the best odds according to most player reports.

How many beds fit on Cold Island?

Cold Island can fit up to 42 monster beds at maximum size.

Should I breed on other islands?

You can, but breeding on Cold Island boosts your chances slightly for Cold monsters.

Do all monsters need beds?

Monsters like Grumpyre, kayna, and Boskus can sleep on floor beds so you can fit more on your island!


With this My Singing Monsters Cold Island breeding guide, you now have the knowledge to populate your frosty paradise with harmonious monsters. Breeding takes patience, but follow these combos and tips to compose melodies ice-cold and oh-so-sweet. Just keep trying new pairs, stay persistent, have fun – and soon your Cold Island will be a winter wonderland of music!

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